A little more than four weeks away from SEC football and tailgating!! Smack in the middle of Bryan TX and College Station TX. Who would have thought that! Join us for the Florida Gators on Sept 8th for food and frozen concoctions. Hope to see you there.
Machine reservations are going at a faster than expected pace. Please reserve early to ensure you get what you need! As always 20 flavors to choose from!

 Tailgating season is in full swing with LSU game almost booked completely! Don't be the tailgate that is normal, go above and beyond and reserve now!! This will be one legendary tailgate season, be apart of it. The 1st season only comes once!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Boiling up some mudbugs for some of our friends on 4/28.  Mixing up a jack and coke in a machine and maybe dreamsicle for the kiddos!! Good times for sure!
That mean Rita season is heating up. Reserve early as April is booking fast and some into May already! Don't forget us for your next crawfish boil, it is a perfect combination! Operators are standing by!!!
Remember, if you are crawfish boiling, when you buy crawfish from the crawfish hole and rent a machine at the same time, you get $15 off the machine and the crawfish hole will give you WHOLESALE pricing on the mud bugs!!! That's a very godo deal!!
Sales are picking up at a fast pace! reserve early if you need, wedding season in full swing!
Cannot wait until we play Fla in a real football Conference!!
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When you do look at the deal we have with The Crawfish Hole! A margarita machine for $100 and wholesale pricing on the crawfish when reserved at the same time!! This is a great great deal!!!
Next week on back to back days!! Does not get much better than that!!

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